ASHI® Certified Home Inspectors:

If you are interested in joining our ASHI© Chapter, please send us an e-mail .

Home Inspectors:

You are eligible to join our local Chapter. We offer a temporary membership for those who want to visit our chapter without committing to a full membership. A prospective member may attend up to three meetings prior to deciding to join the chapter. The first meeting would be free to attend. The following two meetings will require a $35 temporary membership fee (per meeting) to attend. Following the third meeting, the prospective member must decide if he will join the chapter. The chapter membership fee will be pro-rated based upon the fiscal year (months remaining). At the end of the year you will be asked to apply to ASHI© National. For more information on joining ASHI© National, please visit

Yearly Dues:

Dues for chapter members in ASHI Central PA are $200 per year.